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Coronavirus update - 13 March 2020

Please see letter below from the Headteacher, Mrs Claire Harrison regarding a further update about the Coronavirus.  



Friday 13th March 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


First of all I would like to thank all those parents who have acknowledged to staff their support for how we are managing the impact in school of the pandemic of COVID-19. It is a difficult time with very limited guidance for those of us who lead schools, but we are constantly reviewing our procedures to help protect children, families and staff and to prevent the spread of the virus in the best way that we can. We are also in close contact with our partners schools within the WVLP Trust and Crossley Street in particular.


Last night the Government announced that it had moved from the containment to the delay phase. This has been signposted on Monday of this week but has happened sooner than they had anticipated. It is not a time for panic but it does mean a change in our absence procedures.


From today, any child who has a temperature of 37.8◦ or above or a new, constant cough will need to be kept away from school for 7 days. The advice is that siblings are to come to school as usual if they are not showing the symptoms listed above. When you are leaving a message on the absence line, please make sure that you state your child’s symptoms.

This is also the case for staff. As yet, we do not know how many (if any) staff this will affect either directly through their own illness or having to be absent to care for their own children. Once again the health and safety of the children and staff are our main priority but we do need to be aware of the issue of staffing shortages and that the school may have to close to certain classes at different times. Once again, we will give you as much notice as is possible.


The other measures that we are now taking in addition to the ones that were put in place on Tuesday 10th March are:

  • Children will also need to wash their hands as they come into school every morning.
  • All future trips up to Easter are postponed.
  • All after school sports clubs are cancelled.
  • School bank will be closed until further notice.
  • No swimming.
  • No whole school assemblies.

Within the delay phase, there has been a lot of talk about possible school closures. Obviously this decision will be out of our hands but we do want you to know that we are preparing as best we can for that possibility. Staff are considering how we can support you as parents with the continued education of the children in the face of a significant shutdown. Once the novelty of an “extra holiday” for the children has worn off, it will be really beneficial for children to continue to learn as best they can. We are looking at sending home work that can be done at home as well as a raft of online ideas and resources that you will be able to access as a family. If closure becomes a reality, I will update you on our provision.


As we can see, this is a fast moving situation but I will continue to regularly update you with any additional guidance or restrictions as we receive it.  I would ask you to refrain from sharing rumours on social media about what schools are doing as I will give you all the facts as and when I have them. In the meantime, we try to carry on as normal!


Best wishes and thank you for your support,


Mrs Claire Harrison

Head Teacher