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Latest update 17.3.2020 3.15pm

Tuesday 17th March 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you for kind comments about how we are responding to the ever changing advice that is being issued in regard to Covid -19.It is much appreciated in these uncharted waters. It is a difficult time for us all and I don’t pretend to have the answers but any decisions that we make will be based on the most up to date advice and will be in the best interests of our children, staff and families.


Information and advice for schools continues to be patchy and often contradictory. It would appear that there has been no consideration for staff who are now “strongly advised” to work from home or to socially distance if they have underlying health conditions or who are pregnant. As a school and Governing Body, we must look after all of our staff and follow the advice and ask them to work from home.


Two teachers are presently absent from school, one teacher is in isolation for 14 days and the other has to work from home as she is designated as vulnerable with being pregnant. This is having a huge impact in school and we are doing our utmost to continue to provide high quality education as best we can. We do need to acknowledge that we may well be moving to a child care function shortly rather than full education in all classes if we are unable to staff the school effectively and safely.


At the moment, we are able to cover the Year 5 class with Miss Furnell, who knows the class very well and has been working with the children all year.


Year 2 will be closed until Monday 23rd March. Please do let us know if your child develops any symptoms of a high temperature or cough. There are a wide range of educational activities on the Year 2 class web page for you to access. We would ask you to keep up with Spelling Shed, Times Tables Rockstars, Lexia (for children with school logins only) and reading.


Today we had 30 children off (plus the Y2s) for a range of reasons and 4 additional children have gone home today feeling unwell. If your child is off tomorrow, please can we ask you to email rather than leave a message on the answer machine. This just keeps the line free. We are unable to advise as to whether you or your children need to be in isolation. You will need to make the decision and notify us.


We are due to have another update tonight so we will reappraise the situation. We are also making plans for keeping in touch with children and providing activities to be done at home should we need to close. These will be shared at a later date.


I would ask that my communications are not shared on social media. They are intended for our parents and families only and based on our specific needs and risks. It is not helpful to other schools if their parents are expecting the same measures in different circumstances.


No doubt you will be hearing from me again shortly!

Best wishes



Mrs Claire Harrison