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Letter from Mrs Harrison 12/05/2020

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


With the release of the Government’s 60 page road map yesterday, I was hoping for some clarity and support as to how we are going to start to welcome children and staff back safely to Deighton Gates. Sadly, that did not happen and it was only last night that the first of documents for schools started to trickle through. I have spent the morning setting the school budget for next year and the afternoon will be spent interviewing (remotely) for a new member of staff. These are the regular parts of my job in normal times and essential to the smooth running of a successful school.


Later, I will start to unpick the 100+ pages on how we “prepare for wider opening from June 1”. The headlines indicate that there will not be a need for the 2m social distancing and the expectation of significant numbers in school very quickly, with all back for some time before the beginning of July. Don’t get me  wrong, as I said yesterday, I want our school to be open and buzzing and full of happy smiling faces – us all grateful to be together again after this enforced separation, but I have real anxieties about the safety of children, your families and our staff who give so readily. We need to make sure we are thinking this through.


There will be no quick plans shared. We need to listen to the advice over coming days from the Local Authority, Health and Safety experts and other professionals. I will be representing the local schools on a discussion panel at Leeds Council level this week. We then need to talk to staff, governors and our local school colleagues. This will take time, and I ask for your patience. We need to do this the safest way possible.


I would also like to listen to you as parents. How do you feel about sending your children in to school before the summer term ends? Below is a link to a very brief questionnaire to gauge your thoughts. I am aware that there will be a wide range of views as we all have very differing circumstances and no judgements will be made. Just choose one of the 3 questions to answer but please say why. Please note that parents will not be fined for keeping their children at home. I just would like to know your initial thoughts please and if you could do it today, it will immediately help inform any discussions we have in school.


Please can you share this link through your Whatsapp groups? Thank you again for all your support. I am loving the pictures that are coming in to school. I can’t wait to see them when I go in tomorrow. The pressure is on Miss Pickles to get them up!


Please do the survey,

Best wishes

Claire Harrison

Head Teacher