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Letter from Mrs Harrison

Monday 21st September 2020


Dear parents and carers,


I can only think that when the Government planned their guidance for the full return for schools in September that they assumed that Test, Track and Trace would be up and running effectively and the incidence of COVID-19 would be managed in some way. Unfortunately that is not the case and schools across the country are having to close bubbles far earlier than had been anticipated.


Today we had to close the first bubble in school because of a positive case. It will not be the last, and like you, we are learning about the process as we go along. Fortunately due to our strict bubble protocols, the Year 4 children have not mixed with other classes in school and other classes are not impacted. I am pleased to say that the person in question is well on the mend, but it does mean that Year 4 cannot be in school until Friday October 2nd at the earliest. If your child develops symptoms whilst they are isolating, they will still need to get a test and your family will need to isolate. Please do inform us of any children who are getting a test, when they get it and it is essential that we know the outcome of the test whether positive or negative as part of the Test, Track and Trace process.


I contacted parents as soon as I was aware of the result this morning and was aware of the need to close the bubble to prevent further risk of cross infection. The second letters that were sent were from Public Health England from whom we can only seek guidance through office hours. Thank you for your prompt action in keeping your child away from school at such short notice. Staff are having to isolate too now and this will have a knock on impact on other classes as we have reduced staff in school. Please be patient with us if reading books can’t be changed or if we are spread more thinly.


In terms of educational provision for those children isolating, we are still quickly working through our training to get more targeted learning online. This is a huge challenge as we help the children settle into our new routines and reconnect after such a long time apart for some.  We aim to build this capacity as the term develops. Miss Pickles will be in touch with Y4 through their new class email system so that there is work ready from tomorrow. As time goes on, we will be able to tailor this more for individual needs but please bear with us as we get this off the ground.

Miss Elliott will liaise with teachers for siblings that are having to isolate whilst their bubble is still up and running in school. Siblings only have to isolate if someone in their house is showing symptoms or has tested positive.


As a school community it is essential that we work together, thank you for your words of encouragement this morning! I do think this will become a way of school life over the coming months as with some of the other adjustments that we have had to make since March.


Best wishes

Mrs Harrison