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Thursday 19 March 2020 (1pm update) - School Closure Advice

Thursday 19th March 2020 1pm


Dear Parents and Carers,


I am still waiting for the definition of key workers and the implications for us to provide childcare from the Government but felt I needed to get a letter to you all about the closure arrangements for the vast majority of children tomorrow. Please note that from next week it will be a child care facility and not the provision of education that is being delivered by teachers through the website and electronic communications.


Tomorrow we will be having a non-uniform day to mark our last day in school for a while. We are asking for a donation towards the Wetherby Foodbank whose stocks are dangerously low at the moment. If you can send something in that could support a family, we will make sure it gets there. Thank you.


I have asked Year 6 if they would like their T shirts signing, just in case we don’t manage to get back before the summer – they are quite excited about this!


Tomorrow all children in school will receive a letter detailing the specific instructions for the continued education of our children. Each class will have a specific email address so that you can contact the teacher directly should you need any specific advice or support. It is not to return work for marking as this will become unmanageable. Please note that we are not able to tutor individual pupils remotely and contact through this email should be measured. Teachers will send an email to pupils a couple of times a week to touch base. Please can you make sure that this is passed on to them. If the class teacher is absent from work, you will be notified and work will not be updated.


All children will be bringing home a pack that will contain reading books, a writing book and some suggestions for work in the coming week. This is supplemented by the raft of activities that are already on their class page on the website. Over the coming weeks, the work on the website will be refreshed and additional activities planned.


We are mindful that we do not want children spending endless hours in front of a screen or that electronic devices may be in demand especially with home working, so many of the activities are paper based or activities that do not require recording.


This is an ideal opportunity for children to tackle their 20 books for 2020 challenge. Staff will also supply links to websites and games that you may wish to use. We would encourage all children to continue with Spelling Shed, Phonics play, Times Tables Rockstars and Lexia. Please contact class teachers through their dedicated email address for log ins if you need to.


We will be asking all children to collect all of their belongings and to empty their trays to take home. Parents of Year 2 children will be able to collect their things from outside the Year 2 classroom from 3pm if they have no sibling present in school. Parents of the other children who are absent are asked to make arrangements with another family to collect their things and let us know.


A resource pack to support our Personal, Social and Emotional Curriculum. A paper copy will be in your child’s pack. (A PDF version can be found on the Newsletter section of this website).


In the time honoured fashion of Loony Tunes- That’s all for now folks!


Best wishes

Claire Harrison