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Tuesday 8th September 2020 - Letter from Mrs Harrison - Update on Gate Changes

Tuesday 8th September 2020 
Dear Parents, 
Thank you so much for following our guidance and systems today. We are constantly reviewing our systems and procedures to make it as easy to drop off and pick up as possible. Please check out the changes below for tomorrow. The latest risk assessment will be available on the website shortly. I am so proud of the children who have all been happy and excited to be back at school. As I write this at 2.30pm, I think it is true to say that the children are starting to flag and so are the staff a bit too! 
We realise that it is difficult to plan how long it takes to get to school and that some arrived a little early today which we have worked around. However, if you could please try to stick to the allocated times it will help alleviate the traffic jams at the handwashing stations and we would really appreciate it. 
Change – KS1 and new Reception parents accessing the school site from Gate 2 off Ainsty Road. There was a bit of an issue for parents trying to get to the KS1 classes. From tomorrow, please can you use the new one way loop down from the KS2 playground using the ramp by Year 4 and follow the lower path to the KS1 building. Families with buggies will be able to complete the loop by using the ramp by Brook Babes to access the playground and to rejoin the one way path to exit. Other can use the steps by year 2. Staff will be on hand to support you this week. 
Change-Please can Y2 parents leave the children on the spots by the gate near Y2 with the member of staff and then leave immediately as there were some social distancing difficulties there today. There are spots to show you where the children can stand and then please can you stand back. This is now part of a new one way loop and we need to keep the path clear. 
Please can I remind you that if you need a pass on a message about your child, that you use the email address and not ask staff to pass them on. Staff are working in different bubbles and have many responsibilities. We would hate for something important to be missed or forgotten. 
Gate 3 is only for use by parents accessing Brook Babes before or after drop off/collection. This is 2 way to prevent parents with young children having to walk round the whole site. If you are not using Brook Babes, please use Gate 1 or 2 at all times. Children who are meeting parents outside of the school should also use Gates 1 and 2 so you may need to reconsider your meet up point. 

Isolation and Quarantine The safety of our school community is only possible if we all follow Government guidance. Can I remind everyone that if you have travelled abroad to one of the countries on the Government quarantine list, such as Spain or France, within the last 14 days, that your child may not attend school. This is the same for families that are contacted by Public Health England for Track and Trace. We have some extremely vulnerable children and staff in school, whose health relies on us all doing our bit. Whilst we understand that isolation and quarantine can be frustrating, it is a small price to pay to protect our health. Children who are isolating or in quarantine will receive supported education remotely from school. 
Safety online It was brought to our attention today that there are some very disturbing videos about suicide circulating on social media, particularly using TikTok. Please can we remind you make sure that your child is only accessing appropriate material. 
School resources –please can you return any school resources and text books that we sent home last year. 
It is now 5pm and it feels like it has been a long day! I hope that the children sleep well tonight. I know the staff will! 
See you tomorrow when it all starts again! 
Mrs Harrison