We are celebrating being in the top 10% of schools nationally for attainment AND progress in 2019! We are the 8th top school in Leeds too! Need a place in Key Stage 2? We have a couple of places - give us a ring to find out more.
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Autumn 1 2019 2020

Reception Autumn 1: September 2019/2020



This half term our topic is Superheroes. We will be learning all about ourselves and our super powers! We will talk all about our families, where we live and our special items. We will be looking at some very exciting books and themes, such as Supertato, Superworm and Super Pants! We will enjoy dough disco daily, as well as lots of brain breaks to warm up our brains ready for all the new learning we will encounter in Reception. We will be creating our own superhero characters, looking at using paints to produce primary and secondary colours, as well as gripping paintbrushes, pens and pencils. We will have regular weekly challenges that we need to complete. In the first week, we will need to rescue some Superheroes which have become trapped in Spiderman’s web! We will also be cooking and cleaning for the Superheroes who are currently residing in our Superhero hotel! This half term we will be focusing on being willing to have a go at everything – Miss Welsh will take into consideration our own ideas and interests to make sure we are as engaged as possible in our learning experiences. To finish off our very busy Superhero themed half term, we will enjoy the book 'Supertato' and get 'potato creative' with lots of exciting challenges and adventures. We might even have to catch the evil pea … who has escaped in our school!

Autumn 2 2019 2020

Reception Autumn 2 2019/2020

Mini Beasts


This half term we are taking a trip down to the garden to explore and investigate Mini Beasts. We will learn how to identify many different types of Mini Beasts and how we can show care for them - we will think about why they are important too! When thinking about our own likes and dislikes, our fears and our strengths, we will continue to take turns, listen and understand. We will be looking at some very exciting books, such as ‘Mad about Mini beasts’, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Teeny Tiny Tadpole’. As well as enjoying dough disco daily, we will begin to learn how to use our phonics to help us write labels, lists and captions. Our weekly challenges will continue and they will be linked to the Mini Beast stories that we are going to enjoy. We will be starting Phase 3 phonics from letters and sounds and beginning to read so much more! In our first week after half term, we will enjoy many challenges, especially those in our brand new Mini Beast role-play area, which contains a creepy corner, a bug laboratory, and an investigation station! This half term we will be focusing on perseverance and never giving up! Miss Welsh will take into consideration our own ideas and interests still, to ensure we are as engaged as possible in our environment. This half term is also home to the big ‘C’ word! We will be practising for our very first Christmas Production, called the “Wriggly Nativity!” and we will enjoy many exciting parties and events within the school calendar.


Spring 1 2020

Reception Spring 1 2020 

We have lift off … "Out of this World!" 


This half term our work will be out of this world … 

We will start our “out of this world” adventure by sharing books such as “The 3 Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot” and “Beegu”. We will continue to practise our listening and attention, speaking and understanding skills by sharing many ideas, thoughts and feelings when discussing stories and our own experiences. We will learn some new words, related to our topic work and aim to use these in our conversations. As well as enjoying dough disco daily, we will begin to use our new knowledge of phase three phonics to write some simple labels, captions and sentences. We will look at some significant people and events in relation to Space, such as Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. In our phonics sessions, we will continue to consolidate our phase two and three sounds, as well as our tricky words! We will continue with our active phonics sessions, indoors and outdoors, playing games and having fun. Our weekly challenges will be linked closely to our Space stories and with our batteries recharged after the festive break, we will be getting very busy facing new challenges, developing our fine and gross motor skills and a love for writing. We will continue to enjoy role-play in our new spaceship, with lots of new opportunity to embed learning with our friends. Our teachers will continue to take our own interests and curiosity into consideration when planning exciting and engaging activities. We hope to finish our Space topic with a WOW school trip or in school experience! Watch this space!

Spring 2

Reception Spring 2 2019

Dinosaur Park


This half term our learning will take us back in time 66 million years ago when Dinosaurs ruled the Earth. We will start our adventure back in time by sharing fictional and non-fictional books based around Dinosaurs. We will kick-start our half term with the story “Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp!” We will be discussing and choosing our favourite Dinosaur based on their features. We will look closely at similarities, patterns and changes. This half term we will be focusing in on the things that make us unique and special. We will think about similarities and differences between ourselves and other children and families. We love to share what makes us unique by discussing our home life each morning when we look at Tapestry – we will continue to enjoy doing this. This half term we will also enjoy Science Week (Monday 11th March 2019) – we will even be dissecting dinosaur poo! Dough disco will continue on our timetable, as we continue attempting to write super sentences in meaningful contexts. Focusing on our high frequency words and knowledge of phase 3 sounds, we will recap and consolidate all of phase 3 to ensure we are secure with our fantastic word reading skills, as well as our comprehension. In Maths, we will kick off our half term by adding two groups of objects, we will move onto learning all about 3D shapes and time. As the nights get lighter and the days get warmer, we will enjoy lots of outdoor learning, constructing, writing and doing in our messy mud kitchen and Dinosaur swamp. We also hope to enjoy some outdoor PE as we focus on jumping, agility and dance. For those rainy days, we will have an inside Dinosaur Park to enjoy in our designated role-play area. We will now begin to focus on our independence as we grow and learn – we’re already at the half way mark! Our teachers, Miss Welsh, Mrs Hepburn and Mrs Taylor will continue to take our own interests and curiosity into consideration when planning engaging activities linked to Dinosaurs.

Summer 1

Reception Summer 1 2019

How Can I Help You?


Welcome to Reception – How can we help you?  During Spring 1, we have been looking at occupations and thinking about what we would like to be when we grow up. During our circle time, we expressed lots of interest in different jobs, especially police officers and fire fighters! So, we have decided that this half term our topic will be based around the people who help us. Each week we will look at a different profession, such as, police officers, fire fighters, teachers, dentists, vets, doctors and nurses. We will learn all about the work that they do and relate it to our own experiences and aspirations. We will share stories, such as “No Dragons for Tea”, “What the Ladybird Heard” and “Paddington Goes to Hospital”. The children are already very excited about their new Role Play area, which has had a makeover and is now split into four different sections – a police station, a hospital, a vets and a fire station! The children will also enjoy playing in our new outdoor fire station too! We will continue to practise writing sentences and our own narratives, using our phonics and handwriting knowledge to help us. In Maths, we will be kick starting our learning by creating different shape patterns based around Easter. We will then move onto measuring time in simple ways, and learning to order and sequence our days and events in order. We will continue to consolidate and secure our knowledge of numbers to 20, counting forwards and backwards, identifying one more and one less, noticing patterns and making links in our learning. Towards the end of the half term, we will be learning how to halve, double and share with a big picnic! This half term we will continue to enjoy programming our new ‘blue bots’ on our ‘people who help us’ mat, we will be completing a sponsored mile for charity and we’ve even got a visit from the dentist coming up too! We are really looking forward to the summer term and developing our independence in preparation for Year 1.  



Summer 2

Reception Summer 2 2019

Let’s go to the seaside and dive under the sea!


This half term we’re heading to the beach and taking a trip down under. The children loved to learn about Dinosaurs, and this has sparked interest in learning about different fish, whales and sharks too. This half term is very exciting; our first day will start with an arrival of new life. We will be learning about the life cycle of a chick, whilst watching it unfold in front of our very own eyes. We will care for and look after the new additions to our classroom whilst enjoying discussing new life, change, differences and similarities with our friends. We will continue to instil a love of reading and we will listen to and share stories such as “The Teeny Weeny Tadpole”, “Storm Whale”, “Secrets of the Seashore” and “Billys Bucket”. Our reading corner will be purposefully littered with relevant fiction and non-fiction books to support our fascinations. We will take a trip down to our onsite pond to discover, observe and identify new life and nature. We will also be creating our very own vegetable patch and flowerbed using recycled pallets in our outdoor area. The children will enjoy practical activities and discussion based around doubling, halving and sharing and begin to use positional language to describe their relative position. We hope to be able to bring most of our learning outdoors in our peaceful and stimulating outdoor space, whilst using our indoor space to gradually prepare for our transition to Year 1. We will continue to be physical and active, enjoying our bikes, scooters, climbing frame and trim trail, as well as a dance session each week with Leeds Rhinos. This half term we will partake in our first school Sports Day which we look forward to sharing with our families and new friends.