We have a space in some year groups for a September start. Give us a call to find out if your child can start here in September!
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Deighton Gates Primary School Information



Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome to Deighton Gates Primary School in Wetherby. We are delighted to be welcoming your child into our school. This prospectus aims to give the essential information that you will need for your child starting school. It is an exciting time but it can be daunting. We aim to support you and your children to settle in as quickly as we possibly can.  If your questions are still unanswered, please just pop in or give us a ring and we will help where we can.


We are an inclusive primary school with 205 children, a fantastic staff and thriving Parent/Teacher Association. Classes are grouped in 3 Key Stages: Foundation Stage, often referred to as Reception; Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2); Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6).


We are lucky to have a large building with lots of teaching space to enrich our learning.  We have developed a tailor made Music Room, ICT Suite, Library and an Art and Design space, as well as extensive school grounds. Do look at what we are doing on our website or our blog (follow link in website).


We work hard to provide an exciting broad curriculum in order to develop our dynamic learning community. We often have open days where we throw open our doors to invite parents and friends in to learn alongside us and we also have theme or topic

weeks.  Please look at our website to see what we have been up toWe are especially keen on taking our learning outside. Have a look at our orchard or wildlife areas.


In addition to the hard work we do in school time, we also have a wide variety of extra- curricular opportunities, designed to cater for the interests of our older pupils. These include various sports such as football, tennis, athletics, rugby, netball, as well as knitting, drama, science, recorders, art and gardening.  We also regularly hold a Wii Lets Dance Club.


Children are actively involved in decision making through the School Council, who organise charity events and aim to improve the school. This year they have worked with the Senior Leadership Team to put onDeighton Gates Has Got Talent’ and have also organised charity fund raising events.


We are looking forward to working with you to help your child achieve their potential. We want them to be successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve their potential.  We will work with them to develop confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.  We aim for all our pupils to be responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

We look forward to working with you and your child.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Claire Harrison




School Hours


 School starts and doors are opened at 8:45am.


Foundation & Key Stage 1

Lunch break is from 12:15pm – 1:15pm

Afternoon session ends at 3:10pm


Key Stage 2

Lunch break is from 12:15pm – 1:15pm

Afternoon session ends at 3:20pm


For KS1 & KS2 there is a fifteen minute break for playtime in the morning.


The School Office is open from 8:30am - 9:30am and from 3:00pm - 4:00pm.


Between 9:30am and 3:00pm, you can contact us on: 01937 584 359



School Administration


Change of address, email contacts and mobile telephone numbers - It is very important that the school is kept informed of any change of address, telephone number or email address and where parents can be contacted in case of any accident or illness. Please check and update your details on the parent app http:\\


Letters / emails – Please check your childs reading folders or your email regularly for

letters. Any letters that require a response we would ask that you reply promptly.


Late for school – If your child arrives after 9:00am, please bring them to sign in at the office.


School Fund – School fund for 2018/19 is set at £20 per child, payable at the beginning of each school year. School fund payments cover play performances, workshops and other one-off events. They do not cover trips or visits. Please make payments via School Money online payments https:\\


Messages Via the “Office” – Whilst we appreciate the need on occasion to convey

urgent messages to children, for examplea change in who will be collecting them from school etc.We would ask that the majority of communications happen before the children arrive at school. Whilst we understand that these messages are important, we would ask that before people telephone school, they consider whether this could be communicated at another time. Thank you for your co-operation.


Dinner money/ trip payments-Please make payments via School Money online payments https:\\ You will receive a request by text when a payment is due.


 Reply Slips - These can be handed to the Class Teacher or posted through the School Office door in a sealed envelope.




School Staff 2018 -19


Mrs C Harrison        Headteacher / SENCo

Miss H Duffy            Deputy Head Teacher




Miss K Welsh                                      Reception / PE Co-ordinator     

Mrs H Smith                                       Year 1   

Miss H Shedlow                                 Year 1

Mr L Dancer                                        Year 2/Key Stage 1 & Year 3 Leader

Mrs C Gibson                                      Year 3 / Science Co - ordinator

Mrs S Thompson                                 Year 4 / Art/Dt Co-ordinator

Miss R Ridge                                       Year 5 / Geography/ History Co - ordinator

Miss R Pickles                                     Year 6/Stage 2 Leader


Teaching Assistants


Mrs M Watts

Mrs N Hepburn

Mrs S Walker

Mrs J Bailey

Mrs J Taylor

Mrs S Erwin

Mrs E Evans

Mrs L Yellow

Mrs G Owen

Miss M Furnell



Mrs K Mulvihill      School Business Manager

Mrs S Erwin          Administrator

Mr P Bilton           Site Manager

Miss S Elliott        Learning Mentor

Mrs G Owen        Midday Supervisor




School Uniform


  • White or red polo shirt
  • Red jumper / cardigan with school logo
  • Black sensible school shoes.
  • Grey trousers / grey shorts
  • Grey skirt / grey trousers/ grey shorts/ grey pinafore dress /red and white gingham dress


Deighton Gates logo jumpers and cardigans etc. can be ordered from the following suppliers:


APC Clothing - Unit 6a Guardian Park, Station Road Industrial Estate, Tadcaster, LS24 9SG; either direct or on-line at,.


PE Clothes


Inside PE


  • Black shorts (not jogging bottoms).
  • Plain red or white T- shirt or Deighton Gates School T-shirt – not football/rugby shirts.


*NEW* - P.E Sports Hoodies can now be purchased through the School Office priced at £17.  The hoodie will have the Deighton Gates Logo and the option to have your child’s initials embroidered in black on the right chest, this is optional and is an extra £3.  Forms for these hoodies are in the School Office.


Please note these hoodies are only to be worn in P.E lessons/sports clubs only.


Whenever possible the children are encouraged to do PE inside, in bare feet.


Outside PE (Games)


  • Jogging bottoms
  • Sweatshirts and PE T- shirt
  • Trainers


(Old items are fine, designerlabels are not encouraged).


Pump Bag - Please provide your child with a pump bag for their PE/Games kit. Rucksacks/Backpacks are not suitable as they take up too much space in the cloakroom. Pump bags and all PE items need to be clearly labeled.


Wellingtons - During wet weather your child may come to school in wellingtons. If so please provide him/her with a named peg to keep them together in the cloakroom.





Food and Drinks


Snacks - Children are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack, fruit, vegetable sticks etc. to enjoy at break-time. Chocolate, crisps etc. are not considered to be healthy snacks, and are discouraged; we ask that you support us in ourHealthy Schools Campaign’.


Afternoon snacks, Reception & Key Stage 1 - Children will be offered a piece of fruit or vegetable every afternoon, in line with Government Policy.


Drinks - Please provide your child with water, in a named water bottle. (No juice, fizzy drinks or glass bottles).


Lunchtime - The children are supervised during lunchtime by a Midday Supervisor and Assistants. Good manners and social behaviour are expected at lunchtime and we appreciate your support in promoting this.  We operate a band system for school meals.  The children select from a choice of 2 main courses on a daily basis.


Packed Lunches - As an alternative, children can bring packed lunches. Please send food that is easily managed by your child, e.g. sandwiches and fruit.  Flasks of hot food are not allowed.  We would once again encourage healthy options.  They may bring their own drink (no fizzy drinks or bottles) but water is provided.


Universal Free School Meals are available to all Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 children - The Schools Meals Service promotes a healthy diet through varied menus. The meals are well balanced and nutritious and there is usually a main course and dessert. The children are encouraged to try everything but no child is forced to eat a meal or item of food they do not like. These are displayed in the classroom and on the website for your information.  For KS2 pupils, school meals are currently £2.50 per day. Payment can be made online via School Money online payment system https:\\


In Leeds, one form is used to apply for school meals, council tax support and rent allowance.  Therefore, if you apply for these benefits, your child will continue to receive their school meals as they have always done so.  Some people who are eligible for free school meals do not fill in the form if they will not benefit from the council tax support or rent allowance.  An example would be a single parent living with their parents.  When you apply for these benefits, the school gets additional funding for your child, called the Pupil Premium.  It is therefore very important you continue to fill in this form.  If you are unsure whether you are eligible you should ask your school office.  Support is also available at One Stop Centres; Housing Offices; or the LBS Helpline 0113 2224404.  Please note: If you qualify for certain benefits you’ll be entitled to free school meals (KS2 onwards).  You should apply to the local benefit office.


Please contact Mrs Erwin in the school office if you:

•   Need to alter your childs meal arrangements as the kitchen requires a 2 week notice period.

•   Have any concerns regarding school meals.


Milk – If your child is under five, they are entitled to ‘Free School Milk’.  If your child is over five, they are entitled to subsidised milk.  Shortly before your child turns five, you will be offered the opportunity to pay a subsidised rate for your child to continue to receive milk, this will be sent via Coolmilk who we currently receive the milk from.



Pupil Welfare



If your child is unable to attend school through illness please leave a message, before 8:30am, on the first day of absence, on telephone number:

01937 584359


 Sickness & Diarrhoea  

It is very important that your child is not brought back into school until they have had a period of 48 hours since their last symptoms.


Medical Appointments

If the absence/appointment is known in advance, could you please send a letter to your childs teacher indicating if he/she will be returning to school in time for school lunch.


Medical conditions/allergies

Please make sure that the Office is fully informed of any allergies, serious illness or other medical conditions which may affect your child in school. Where required, together we will create an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP).



If your child needs to take prescribed medication at school you must complete a consent form, which details the dosage and time that the medication is to be taken, and handed into the school office with the medication. Forms are available on the school website or at the school office. This medicine will be administered by a member of school staff. Please note we can only administer medicines where the Doctor has stated they need to be given 4 times a day or more or where an IHCP is in place. This is in accordance with our medicines in school policy.


Head Infestations

Please dont panic!! If you suspect your child has been infected with nits or head lice, wash his/her hair in special medicated shampoo and use a fine tooth comb to comb through to remove the problem. Please inform the class teacher and consult your local pharmacist for up to date information. If live headlice are found in your childs hair, we will contact you.  If they have not been treated yet we will ask you to take your child home so that they can be treated.


First Aid

If your child falls he/she will be attended to by a First Aider and grazes and bumps will be cleaned and bathed. If the injury is more serious we will contact the parent if it is felt that hospital treatment is needed. If we cannot contact you we may act on your behalf and take your child to receive medical attention.


Medical Checks

During the school year we have visits from the school nurse/doctor. It is essential that you accompany your child to any medical request by the doctor.



Requests for leave of absence / Holiday in term time



From the 1st of September 2013 the school will not be able to authorise leave in school time, except in the case of exceptional circumstances, such as bereavement.  Holidays will not be authorised, and may incur a fine. We do ask that you notify us if your child is going to be absent so that we do not spend time investigating absence that has been planned. Requests for leave of absence and the Attendance Policy are available on the school website and from the school office.





Car Park

Please note due to safety reasons only staff cars are allowed in the car park.  However in exceptional circumstances i.e. disabled access, arrangements can be made.  Please speak to someone in the school office.  During school hours the gates are closed at all times. If you do need to drive into the car park for any reason during the school day, please ensure you close the school gates on your way in and out.



If you find it necessary to drive your child to school, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not pause, stop, or park on the zig-zag lines outside school.
  • Do not stop in the gateway to drop children off.
  • Ensure that children use the paths and do not cut across the car park.
  • Please consider residents when parking in local streets, we ask that you avoid obstructing driveways.


(Police often patrol this area to enforce good practice).


Safe Walking Routes

Our children are not allowed to cross the car park, either on the road or grass, to the front of the school buildings. When entering or leaving school they must use the footpath, round the outside of the car park.



For Health & Safety reasons dogs (except guide dogs) are not allowed on the school premises.


Fire Practice

A fire practice is held regularly to familiarise the children and staff with the procedure for leaving the building in an emergency.


School security

In order to keep your children safe we have code locks in place on all outside doors. This has affected our Open Door” policy, which has operated previously. We certainly do not wish to make parental access difficult, and if ever you wish to come into school please contact the school office or the class teacher. The main foyer is always accessible and admin staff are happy to deal with your enquiries and allow you entry to the school.





School News

Newsletters will be distributed regularly by email in the first instance and with letters for families without access to a computer. Any information in between times will come out by email/letter or text.  Parents are welcome to use the school computers by prior arrangement.  Please keep us informed of any changes to contact details.


Community, school and PTA (Parents, Teachers Association) posters will be displayed outside the school office and in classrooms.  The website is updated regularly with letters that have gone out to parents. We regularly blog news as it is happening. The blog can be accessed from a link on the front page of our website.


Texting Service

We have a texting service installed. We use this for reminders and letting you know of any closures or special arrangements, due to snow etc. The texts will be sent out to parents of children at the school.



Most complaints and concerns can, and should be dealt with by your childs teacher or a member of staff attached to the class. In the event that this does not resolve the problem, a meeting can be arranged with the class teacher and the team leader.


In the unusual circumstance that this does not lead to a resolution, then please ask for an appointment with Mrs Harrison or Deputy Headteacher Miss Duffy.


The chair of the governing body can be contacted via the school office if you wish to take any concern beyond the school staff once all other resolution options have been followed.



Other items


Parent Teacher Association

The PTA aims to support school by assisting with fundraising, by organising social events for parents and children. By virtue of your child attending the school, you are automatically a member of the PTAMeetings are held regularly and always encourage new members. 


School Visits

These are regular features of the curriculum and are linked to the topic. We plan opportunities for the children to extend their curriculum by looking at the local neighbourhood, for which written permission will be sought.


When taking children on organised trips to places further afield and which require transport, another form will be sent home prior to the visit. Under the terms of the Education Reform Act 1988 the school is not allowed to make a charge for this activity, but we are permitted to ask for voluntary contributions and the Governors have authorised me to do so. No child will be excluded if his/her parent does not make a contribution, however, if insufficient contributions are made then the visit may be cancelled.



The children are encouraged to keep the cloakroom tidy. We would be grateful if you would ensure that your childs coat is named and has a hook sewn in so that it can be hung on a peg – each child has his/her own named pegChildrens belongings should be brought in a pump bag rather than a rucksack/backpack, which is too large for the cloakroom.



The only item of jewellery allowed in school is stud earrings and watches, which are the childs responsibility. Earrings must be either removed or covered by plasters for PE.



The school photographer visits twice a year – in the autumn for individual/family photographs and in the spring for class groups.


Class Assemblies

During the year each class gives a class assembly for the rest of the school. We invite parents, grandparents and carers to join us. It is a good opportunity to see the childrens work, and to join us for a coffee and a chat.


Religious Education

Parents are entitled to withdraw their child from assemblies.  Arrangements are made to meet parents’ wishes with regard to RE.


Behaviour & Discipline

The school has a behaviour policy, which encourages acceptable standards of behaviour. Realistically there are occasions when unacceptable behaviour occurs. When such behaviour arises, it is discussed immediately with the child concerned, sanctions may be imposed and the parents contacted if necessary. The policy is available on the website.


Parent Helpers

We would really welcome helpers in school on a regular basis. If you have a spare hour or two, please contact the school office.



We are committed to the development of future teachers and support staff in school. Therefore each year we have a number of students from local colleges and universities undertaking work experience.


Please do get in touch if there is still something that you need to know.