Deighton Gates Primary School - Welcome to our new school website! What parents say about Deighton Gates... I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful school and learning environment you have created. Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Deighton Gates and I have equally enjoyed being a part of such a nurturing and friendly school. "I can see how much he has improved with his reading, writing and maths in one year. Fantastic!" "Thank you for making our daughter's first year at Deighton Gates so enjoyable. You have really sparked a love for learning and an interest in the world. Thank you for taking such good care of her and helping her to grow." "Wonderful school and staff, thank you for making our daughter's transition into school so easy and enjoyable.!"
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Year 2

Picture 1
Autumn 1

This is Your Life

Our topic this term is THIS IS YOUR LIFE. This topic will involve looking at where we live and who we are. In science we will be comparing living and non-living things and looking in depth at the life-cycles of humans and animals. We will also be discussing what helps to keep us healthy and hygienic. In literacy we will be looking at Anthony Browne books about different family members and will be getting creative in art by painting our own pictures in the style of the author/illustrator, as well as using the Ipads to manipulate photos. In numeracy we will be getting to grips with numbers by recognising their place value, ordering, adding and subtracting amongst other skills. In outdoor P.E we will be learning new skills and ideas from a Basketball coach. Indoor P.E will be dance focussing on animal life-cycles.


Autumn 2

Our topic this half-term is entitled Eco-Warriors. This will involve looking at how green our school is, as well as our home – so get ready for lots of questions! We would also like to take part in some litter picking in the local community for which some helpers may be needed but we will let you know nearer the time. The school allotment will also be a focus.

As part of this topic in science we will be looking at different materials and their everyday uses, as well as seeing how materials can be changed.

In DT we will be designing and making our own picture/photo frames out of recycled materials and will be selling these as part of this half-term’s enterprise project to raise money for the class. We will also be making our own moving vehicles out of shoeboxes.

In Literacy we will be looking mostly at the author Dick King-Smith, as well as at atlases, dictionaries and non-fiction books about the planet.

In Numeracy we will be looking at measuring length, mass and time, as well as introducing multiplication!

Spring 1

Lives of Significant People

This half term is a history based topic looking at the lives and impact of significant people from different times upon the world. We will mainly be looking at Mary Seacole, Henry Moore and Jessica Ennis-Hill – with the latter two having a close connection to us in Yorkshire. In PE we will make a link to Jessica Ennis-Hill and indoor athletics by holding our own mini-heptathlon. In citizenship and circle time we be discussing whether Mary Seacole was treated fairly and also linking this to our own lives and to the life and work of Nelson Mandela as well as racial equality around the world. In English we will be looking at the author Roald Dahl as a significant author and reading the extended story of “The Twits”.
Spring 2 Our topic this term is entitled ‘Travellers – where would you like to visit?’ We will be focusing on comparing and contrasting our own locality of Wetherby with a small town in the south of Sri Lanka. We will use Google maps as a whole class to find out what human and physical features there are on both the island of Sri Lanka and the UK, as well as looking at ways of life and traditions. We will also be using atlases, maps and globes to locate Sri Lanka, to re-cap the countries and capital cities within the UK and to name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans. We will link Sri Lanka to literacy by looking at traditional tales from both countries and to RE where we will explore Buddhism. In numeracy we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry and statistics, as well as reviewing all four operations. In history we will look at how people have travelled throughout the years and be placing these on a time line. We will also investigate how humans have not just travelled on earth – where did Neil Armstrong travel to? How as historians do we know it happened? In art we will be looking at the work of Henri Rousseau, a French artist who amazingly did not travel the world, but chose to paint colourful pictures of jungles and rainforests – places he had never visited. We will be linking this to Sri Lanka which has rainforests dotted all over the island. Get ready to view some wild pictures and collages!
Summer 1

Our topic this half-term is entitled ‘Spots and Stripes’. Our focus is a science one where we will be looking at the huge variety of animals we have on our planet and thinking about how we classify them. We will also be investigating how and why animals adapt to their habitats as well as looking at the idea of a simple food chain. In literacy we will be reading and writing descriptively about the classic children’s books ‘Where the wild things are’ by Maurice Sendak and ‘101 Dalmatians’ by Dodie Smith. The latter book will be the inspiration for our DT project of designing a new cloak for Cruella De Ville that does not use dalmatian puppies!!! In numeracy we will be having a big push with mental maths and ensuring that children have the strategies to quickly add and subtract numbers in their head with increasing speed. In music we will be continuing to learn the recorder.



Summer 2

Our topic is entitled ‘How does your garden grow?’ We will be focusing on plants as living things and what they need to survive. We will be carrying out an experiment to help us determine those needs and will focus on how we go about recording our results in various ways. In art we will be looking at a new artist – Monet – and be focusing on how he created his garden pictures thinking about the colour and light and as well as experimenting with water colours. In History we will be thinking back to both World Wars and how food was rationed and the importance of people growing their own food in their gardens. We will also be finding out how gardens were used when our parents and grandparents were little. We will be linking this to how the house and home itself has changed over the years and this will culminate in our trip to Abbey House. In Geography we will be locating counties that will be taking part in the 2017 World Championships in Athletics to be held in London between 5th and 13th August. We will also be using compass points to help us navigate from one place to another, both on an atlas and in the real world with regards to PE as well as the allotments and gardens that we will design. In literacy we will not be looking at a specific author this half-term but instead thinking a lot about non-fiction writing and writing letters as well as diary entries by relating them to our topic and sporting themes. In maths we will be spend the half-term consolidating all the strategies we have learnt this year so far so that we have a secure basis from which to work on for Year 3. This half term in PE we will be looking at simple orienteering and outdoor athletics in preparation for our sports day on Friday 14th July.