Please read our latest Ofsted report, November 2017. Nominate Deighton Gates Primary School for The Co-op Local Community Fund and help us to make storytelling a magical experience for our children. What parents say about Deighton Gates... I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful school and learning environment you have created. Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Deighton Gates and I have equally enjoyed being a part of such a nurturing and friendly school. "I can see how much he has improved with his reading, writing and maths in one year. Fantastic!" "Thank you for making our daughter's first year at Deighton Gates so enjoyable. You have really sparked a love for learning and an interest in the world. Thank you for taking such good care of her and helping her to grow." "Wonderful school and staff, thank you for making our daughter's transition into school so easy and enjoyable.!"
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Year 5

Picture 1
Autumn 1


Keep Calm and Carry On – WW2

In History and Geography we will be learning all about World War II. We will learn when and why World War II began and find out about the key individuals and countries involved. In addition to this, we will discover all about evacuation; learn what it was like to live with food rationing and explore the contribution made by women to the war effort. Furthermore, we will learn important facts about the holocaust and investigate events that were key turning points in the war, such as the Battle of Britain and the German invasion of Russia.

In Geography we will focus on human and physical geography of European (including Russia) countries. We will investigate why was World War II called a ‘World’ war? On a world map locate countries on German and British sides. Use colour coded key to distinguish between Allied and Axis powers.

In PE, this half terms focus will be dance and orienteering where we are very fortunate to have the expertise of coaches for both sports.

In DT, we will look at ration amounts available in WW2. We will then research recipes that we could make using these ingredients. We will create a menu to feed a family during WW2 and create one of the dishes from our menu.


In French we will be revising our French greetings and personal details such as our name, age, favourite colour and hobbies. We will then progress onto introducing members of our family.

In RE we will explore the special journeys that people make. It will include pilgrimages and spiritual journeys as well as metaphorical journeys through faith. We will also look at where these journeys are to and why and what people learn from them.


In Computing we will use software and digital devices for recording sound based around the theme of a Radio Station. It will be interviewing, making adverts and using jingles as well as writing scripts and designing additional advertising for our Radio Station


Autumn 2

Keep Calm and Carry On – WW2

In History and Geography we continue learning all about World War II. We will investigate what it would have been like to be a child during the war, in particular, we will discover all about evacuation and the effects of the blitz on children’s lives. Furthermore, we will learn important facts about the holocaust and investigate events that were key turning points in the war, such as the Battle of Britain and the German invasion of Russia.

In Geography we will focus on human and physical geography of European (including Russia) countries. We will investigate the D-Day landings and locating key places in France/Beaches and think about what would military have had to consider? Finally we will explore how the war affected Europe and what other places in the world were affected by the war?


This half term we will be developing our taking off and landing, throwing with accuracy and combining running and jumping in athletics. We will also be developing our racket skills through badminton and tennis.


In PSHE we will learn about stereotyping, including gender stereotyping. We will also learn about prejudice and discrimination and how this can make people feel


In computing, we will build on our coding knowledge to create our own Minecraft games.


In art, we will think about how WW2 makes us feel and we will produce a piece of artwork to reflect the feelings and emotions about a particular aspect of WW2.


In music, we will learn to sing a song in 3 parts, perform the C Jam Blues which was written during the Second World War and learn about the types of music people were listening to during the 1940's.

Spring 1

Mission X

In Science we will find out fascinating facts about the Sun, Moon and Earth and develop an understanding of day and night, the four seasons and the Moon’s phases. The Sun and the planets making up our Solar System will be investigated, along with the other stars in their constellation.


In DT we will develop our understanding of mechanical systems. We will learn about controlling movement with a cam mechanism and make a simple cam mechanism to formulate an understanding of how different shaped cams can be used to produce different movements. We will then extend our making skills by developing techniques in cutting, shaping and joining to combine components to create our own moving space toy.


In computing, we will build on our E-Safety knowledge ensuring that we understand and can avoid the potential risks of providing personal information in an increasing range on online technologies both within and outside school.


In RE we will begin by exploring what it means to lead a good life. We will then learn about the importance of the Qur’an to Muslims in their everyday lives. We will explore different themes found from important stories in the Qur’an and consider  how Muslims may use each story as a reminder to lead a good life.


In Music we will listen and respond to a range of music about the Planets and Space. We will perform our own composition on this theme to an audience.


In PSHE we will learn about Mental health and emotional wellbeing and dealing with feelings. We will learn about a wide range of emotions and feelings and how these are experienced in the body. We will think about times of change and how this can make people feel. Finallly we will learn about the feelings associated with loss, grief and bereavement and how to deal with these feelings.


In PE we will be developing our ball skills through basketball and netball.

We will also be improving our strength and agility through NASA’s Train Like an Astronaut Programme. We will be participating in activities modelled on the real-life requirements of humans travelling in space.

Spring 2

What Was Life Like For Children in a Victorian Wetherby?

In History we will conduct a local history study of Wetherby through the question: What was life like for children in a Victorian Wetherby? We will place the Victorians on a timeline and consider what life was like for children in this period. We will find out what life was like for poor children in Victorian Britain and investigate life in Wetherby Workhouse. We will understand some of the changes that took place for poor children in the 19th century and how would the work of Bernados and Shaftsbury have changed life in Wetherby? We will investigate how does Deighton Gates compare to schools in Wetherby during the Victorian times? We will find out about daily life for children in Victorian Britain and research what the high street in Wetherby have looked like during the Victorian era.


In Science we will be focusing on how humans change as they develop to old age. This will be linked to SRE - Healthy Relationships and How a Baby is Made. We will investigate and order the stages of human development. Demonstrate our understanding of how babies grow in height and explore how we are changing at this stage in our lives.


In computing, we will use creative media software to create a narrated big book for a younger audience incorporating sound.


In Design Technology we will investigate Punch and Judy puppets and look at why they were so popular in the Victorian era. We will evaluate a range of Punch and Judy puppets from the time before using this to design our own puppets. We will then use a pattern to cut and sew the costumes for our puppets before constructing them. We will then evaluate our puppets against out design brief.


In PE we will develop our attacking and defending skills through football and tag rugby. We will also have a Judo coach this half term.

Summer 1




Summer 2