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Autumn 1

Reception Class  Autumn 1 2017

Jelly that wont wobble

Our theme title for this half term is ‘Jelly that won’t wobble’. Books we will be looking at will include – The jelly that wouldn’t wobble, Monster Feast, Don’t put your finger in the jelly Nelly, Feelings books, Nursery Rhyme books and information books about vans and lorries, David Hockney and polar bears.

In Week 2 the children will be making jelly; following and reading simple instructions, ready for the jelly and ice cream party. We will then talk about where milk comes from and in week 3 parents are invited to a ‘Down at the dairy activity morning’ in class. We shall make ice cream vans, using the B-bots; creating algorithms. We shall then be observing the country side and paintings of David Hockney and making our own representations. We will also be setting off to Harlow Carr in Harrogate, observing nature and our surroundings. We will learn about the colours of the rainbow and mixing paints to produce primary and secondary colours. We shall finish by observing polar animals and finding out by scientific investigation how polar bears can survive in such a cold climate. The planning will always change slightly depending on the children’s interests. At the end of each half term the children will have a planning meeting to decide which ‘vehicles’, interests they would like to incorporate into their learning. 

Within the first few weeks, we will be focussing on ‘Being willing to have a go’ (and resilience) and then stressing the importance of ‘Having our own ideas’ (and independence).


Autumn 2

Reception Class Autumn 2 2017

Was Humpty Pushed?

This half term our theme will be Nursery rhymes. Guided by the children’s own planning meeting, the children decided they would like a Vet Practice. Many of the characters in our Nursery Rhymes have a bump or a knock which is why we decided to have a garage....fixing cars and lorries for outside role play. We shall also be working with money.

In the first week, the theme will be spiders (Incy Wincy Spider and Little Miss Moffat). The children will be learning and writing about real spiders, counting their legs and making a web. Then the children will be learning more Nursery rhymes, linking with rhyming words and rhythm. We will then be investigating whether Humpty was pushed, looking at which 3D objects will roll down a hill and why. We will be looking at different materials and decide how we will wrap up our hard boiled eggs so they don’t crack when they are accidentally pushed off the wall. We will also have a Humpty team building morning, developing our listening and problem solving skills,

We will be learning about the Nativity story and making our own props, and sharing a Christmas craft activity morning with parents.


Spring 1

Reception Class Spring 1 2018 


We have lift off!

Following on from the children’s planning meeting, we have decided to build our learning around a space theme. We have already had an assessment session where we shared what we know already about space and have now began to think about what we want to find out. We are beginning to encourage the children to ask questions and to think about what they would like to know and how they can find things out. For example one child is convinced that there is cheese on the moon! So we need now to think about where cheese comes from and would cows be able to live on the moon.... if they did, what would they look like... it goes on.

We will begin our topic, learning about adjectives as we take a journey just as Davy did in the book ‘Davy’s Journey’. We will then travel on a magic carpet and go where ever we decide, but we will need to pack a suitcase and so will be learning to make lists and think about things we will need through out the day.

We will be learning a little bit about space, planets and scientists. We will be having a space party and exploring different space foods. We will be thinking about vehicles in the 30th Century and then we will head off to look at famous buildings around the world, including the Great Pyramids and the Great Wall of China ((3D shapes...which can be seen from space) and then join in with celebrations around the Chinese New Year....The Year of the dog.

Spring 2

How may I help…….. This half term our learning will be based around people who help and care for us and other animals. The children had a planning meeting towards the end of Spring 1 to discuss their ideas and interests which will be used as a vehicle for their learning. The first day back on Monday (18th February), we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year (Year of the dog). On the Thursday, we will be having our animal clinic morning and the children have been invited to bring in a soft toy animal from home for its check up (weight, height/length, head circumference). In the second week of the term, we shall learn how to use the Pelican crossing, outside our school (reminding the children never to cross any road without an adult) and reinforce about not talking to people we don’t know. In DT, we shall also be learning about the mechanism of flaps and moving parts. We shall be learning about looking after our teeth and linking this with the tooth fairy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. In the weeks to follow we shall be learning about the Police force and pirates. Our role play areas inside and outside will be an animal clinic, doctors surgery, Emergency call centre, measuring workshop, traffic control…...and more. If we have any parents out there who have jobs linked with our theme of people who help us; doctors, nurses, fire fighters, farmers etc and would be happy to come to speak to the children, then please let me know (or email). 


Summer 1

 – The chicken or the egg? At the end of Spring 2, the children had a Planning Meeting in their Key Worker groups, sharing interests and fascinations. In week 1 and 2, we will have science and explorer weeks visiting the school pond and woodland area. We will also be learning about the scientist Jane Goodall who investigated the habits of chimpanzees. In week 3, we will be designing, then making our own egg sandwich and deciding whether we will cook a boiled, scrambled or fried egg. In week 5, we will be receiving some live chick eggs. We will learn about the stages of development of a chick and how to care for them and also speak to the children about the possibility that some chicks may not survive. We will be using information books and the internet to find out more about hens and cockerels. Fictional books will include Dora’s egg (where we will be making up adjectives to describe her egg), Chicken Licken, Little Red Hen, Sly Fox and Red Hen and Handa’s Hen. Our role play area inside the classroom is to be an egg and chip cafe, serving egg and chips and pizza. We will be leaning to distinguish between a scrambled, fried and hardboiled egg. Our outside role play area will initially be a garden centre, then a farmers’ market. Our art work will be based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We will be learning about and recreating some of his work. In the final week we will be learning about the 3 Little Pigs and den building and asking whether we can forgive the wolf for blowing down the house of sticks and straws! In Physical Development, we will continue with ball skills and control over objects. Also balancing and control on the push bikes and balance bikes.



Summer 2