Top 20 school in Leeds 2017/18 ++++++++++++++++++++Looking for a school? We have a few places available across school. Contact us for more information **********Congratulations to all our pupils and staff on outstanding SATS results! 83% KS2 Reading,Writing, maths Expected level or above. 53% at higher standard in Reading
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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Mrs Claire Harrison - Head Teacher



Mrs Claire Harrison - Headteacher 

Miss Duffy Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Mulvihill School Business Manager

Mrs Erwin School Administrator

Mrs Adams School Administrator

Mr Bilton Site Manager


Miss Elliott Learning Mentor


Early Years

Miss Welsh Class Teacher

Mrs Hepburn Teaching Assistant

Mrs Taylor Teaching Assistant


Key Stage 1

Mrs Smith SENCo, Year 1 Teacher

Miss Shedlow Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Walker Teaching Assistant

Miss Furnell Teaching Assistant


Mr Dancer Year 2 Teacher and Phase Leader

Mrs Bailey Teaching Assistant

Mrs Erwin Teaching Assistant

Miss Elliott Learning Mentor


Key Stage 2

Mrs Gibson Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Watts Teaching Assistant


Mr Dodd Year 4 Teacher

Miss Furnell Teaching Assistant


Miss Ridge Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Evans Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Yellow Teaching Assistant


Miss Pickles Year 6 Teacher and Phase Leader

Mrs Owen Teaching Assistant and Senior Lunchtime Supervisor