Please read our latest Ofsted report, November 2017. Nominate Deighton Gates Primary School for The Co-op Local Community Fund and help us to make storytelling a magical experience for our children. What parents say about Deighton Gates... I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful school and learning environment you have created. Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Deighton Gates and I have equally enjoyed being a part of such a nurturing and friendly school. "I can see how much he has improved with his reading, writing and maths in one year. Fantastic!" "Thank you for making our daughter's first year at Deighton Gates so enjoyable. You have really sparked a love for learning and an interest in the world. Thank you for taking such good care of her and helping her to grow." "Wonderful school and staff, thank you for making our daughter's transition into school so easy and enjoyable.!"
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Year 3

Picture 1
Autumn 1


Could you survive the Stone Age?


This half term, our topic is a History based one

focussing on Early Britons from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will be looking at timelines and events from this age.


Linking in with this our class book will be ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King which tells the story of a young boy who be-friends Stig who appears to be from the Stone Age. We will be using this book throughout our Guided Reading and English lessons.


In Science we are studying ‘Humans and Animals’ and will learn the bones in the human skeleton and identify animals who have skeletons.

In Art we will research cave paintings and then create our own paintings using charcoal.

In Music we will be continuing to play the recorder and how to read music.

In PE we will be learning the core multi skills needed to be a good athlete and we will also have a Cricket coach in who will be working with us on our ball skills.

Autumn 2

What do rocks tell us about the way the Earth was formed?


Geography - We will be using atlases to locate where some of the world’s most well known volcanoes are found and learning about how volcanoes are created. We will also be finding out about earthquakes: what they are, how they are formed and where in the world they are most common.

Science - In Science, we will be finding out about different rocks, comparing them and grouping them according to their characteristics and finding out about the different rock layers in the structure of the Earth. In addition, we will be finding out about how fossils and soils are formed and the life and contribution to Science of Mary Anning.

DT - We will be designing a collage based on our work on volcanoes.

PSHE - We will be focusing on Keeping Safe and Managing risk - learning more about recognising different types of bullying and what to do if we witness or are being bullied.

Music - We will continue to develop our recorder skills with our Artforms music teacher.

Computing - We will learn to create and debug algorithms, using the Logo programme to move and draw.

RE - We will continue to learn about ‘What Christians believe about a good life’ through bible stories.

PE –we will be developing our dance skills based upon the Jungle Book and our gymnastic skills with a coach.


Spring 1

What on Earth!

What evidence of forces is there on Earth?



In geography we will be exploring the features of maps, identifying OS symbols and compass points. We will also use our growing knowledge to help us read and use maps in addition to creating our own.


The focus in Science will be forces and magnets. We will find out about how different materials move on different surfaces, how magnets work and what is meant be the terms attract and repel.


DT this term will support our learning in writing. We will be designing a new dip and dippers for production in Willy Wonkas factory.


We will be focusing on emotional wellbeing, strengths and challenges through PSHE and circle time. We will explore how to celebrate achievements and set personal goals, deal with put-downs and deal positively with setbacks.


This term we will be learning a new instrument with our Artforms teacher. Our new instrument is the chime bars.


We will be learning all about E Safety and how we can use technology responsibly. We will also learn about reporting concerns and inappropriate use.


In RE we will be looking at how different beliefs are expressed through the arts. We will do this through dance, music, art and the exploration of the symbolism of colour.


PE will see us develop our racket and game skills. We will also develop our ability to outwit opponents and become more competent during game play. We will use Benchball, Dodgeball and Rounders to facilitate this.

Spring 2  

Summer 1

Summer 2