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Year 3 2019-20

Welcome to Year 3


This webpage will provide you with work each week until the current situation comes to a close and we all return to school.  Please work through the tasks set below each week to continue your learning.  Enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills at home, be with your families and get out in to the garden.  Please also continue to read at home with an adult and access TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed a minimum of 3 times per week.  Keep up with Lexia too if you have login! Learning log activities are also available at the bottom of this page for each of our topic areas.


Keep safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs Gibson



Science activities to try at home

Below are the links to some virtual tours of UK attractions.  The tours of Stonehenge and The Roman Baths link to our History topics.  Enjoy looking around!
Closure Work


Please see weekly overview.

It's Greek Structure Week!

To link with our topic on the Ancient Greeks we would normally design and make Greek structures in DT.  As we are unable to do this in school now, I have set you the challenge of making a Greek Structure using the materials you have collected.  See the weekly overview for more details.  

DT - Greek structures

Please read the weekly overview for more information.


Please see the weekly overview.


Being active is very important in keeping us happy and healthy.  Try to complete a minimum of 30 minutes activity each day which gets your heart pumping faster, you breathing more heavily and your body feeling warmer.

I have attached the links of 3 different sites you could use.

Our Greek Structures

'Homemade' Mythical Beasts

'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 1 Cery's Unicorn Snake
'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 2 Jack's Girriken!
'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 3 Isabelle's Monstringo
'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 4 Samuel's Puffadile
'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 5 Pippa's Mythical Beast. Dog/Llama/Reindeer
'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 6 An amazing prehistoric inspired effort by Dexter
'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 7 Harry's Dog Catton
'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 8 Emilys Unigon
'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 9 Holly's mythical creature
'Homemade' Mythical Beasts 10 Mikaylas mythical creature

Lockdown Learning!

Lockdown Learning! 1
Lockdown Learning! 2
Lockdown Learning! 3
Lockdown Learning! 4
Lockdown Learning! 5
Lockdown Learning! 6
Lockdown Learning! 7
Lockdown Learning! 8
Lockdown Learning! 9
Lockdown Learning! 10
Lockdown Learning! 11
Lockdown Learning! 12
Lockdown Learning! 13
Lockdown Learning! 14
Lockdown Learning! 15
Lockdown Learning! 16
Lockdown Learning! 17
Lockdown Learning! 18
Lockdown Learning! 19
Lockdown Learning! 20
Lockdown Learning! 21
Picture 1
Picture 1

African Drumming

African Dancing

Still image for this video

Chinese Story Telling Workshop

Recommended Reading

 Useful Websites