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Safeguarding News

Safeguarding Alert

We have been made aware of an app released in April this year which poses a significant risk to children and young people, UNICO LIVE is a relatively new live-streaming app developed by a Hong Kong based company. The App features unicorn imagery, which may make it attractive to children and young people. The app can be used to live stream, send images and send and receive gifts of monitory value. A test carried out by INEQE safeguarding group found high levels of engagement from adults instructing children to engage in sexualised activity. Their advice is to check your child's device and delete the app and engage young people in a conversation – about keeping safe online and who they would talk to if someone made them feel uncomfortable online.









We take Cyber bullying very seriously in school. Any incident that is reported will be fully investigated and recorded. Parents of all the children will be informed. E Safety is a key element of the Computing and PSHCE curricular and advice is shared with Parents and carers too.

Domestic Violence Notification and Support