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Year 1 2019-20

Home Learning - w/c 18.5.20

We are adding new learning activities and fun challenges for you to complete each week so please keep checking this web-page and let us know how you are getting on.

Hopefully we will see you all very soon!


Don't forget to send any photos or messages to us using our class email address: 





Keeping active, happy and healthy:

Try some of these activities with members of your family.

PE: 60 second challenges:

Active Bingo Card:

Try to tick off some of these activities during the half-tern holiday.


This week we are revisiting measures.

Use the link below to watch the teaching video for each session.

Also, have a go at the  'Problems of the day' for each day of the week. Use you problem solving and reasoning skills!


The Year 1 English lessons developed by The National Academy got some great feedback from lots of you. There are new sessions for you to enjoy this week.

Also, BBC Bitesize have got some great sessions and songs for you to enjoy.

Don't forget to send us some photos of your amazing work too, we love to see them.



Days of the week

Reading Comprehension:

Use this bookmark of questions when you are reading with an adult at home.


Here is a link to Monster Phonics. There are loads of great games and activities for you to try.

Phonopoly - split digraphs game

Make you own game. You can write some of your own words containing split digraphs too.


Phonics lessons

Science Experiments to try:

Science - materials

Non- Screen Ideas:


Get creative with cardboard tubes!




Links to on-line resources:

World Book Day, 5.3.20

World Book Day, 5.3.20 1

French cafe

French cafe 1
French cafe 2
French cafe 3

An example of our wonderful Picasso-inspired portraits

An example of our wonderful Picasso-inspired portraits 1

Chinese Story-telling Day - The Lion Dance

Chinese Story-telling Day - The Lion Dance 1

Year 1 Firework Poem


On Wednesday 6th November we created our very own whole class poem. First we discussed what a poem is and then looked at some examples of poems about Bonfire night. After watching a firework display on video we came up with as many describing words as we could and used these to write our poem altogether. We then had lots of fun learning our poem using actions. See the poem and video below. 



Shiny, smoky and multi-coloured.

Watch them shoot in to the sky.

Poumf! Bang! Boom!

Hear them explode in to the sky.

Red, pink and purple.

I love fireworks.


By Year 1 – 06.05.19


Still image for this video

9-10-19 - Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana

7.10.19 - We had fun making our clay models today.

We've had a great first week in Year 1. Here we are making our 'Rainbow Collages' to hang in the classroom... Amazing team work!